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Quickly solve your biggest marriage problems, juice up your romantic life and do it without painful counseling and even if your mate isn't on board.

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The Book Cracking the Code to Marital Bliss

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Has the juice gone out of your relationship?

Has your mate lost attraction to you?

Do you feel like you’re emotionally disconnected from them,
maybe even leading separate lives?

If the answer is YES to any of these, you know that your future will be uncertain if something doesn’t change quickly. And worse, your chances for a happy and fulfilling life are greatly diminished if not ruined. Well, just know that you are not alone and it’s not your fault. Most couples go through this and maybe like you, they don’t know how they got here or what to do about it. Nobody teaches this stuff in school, right?

But Not To Worry, we’ve got you covered. As hopeless or frustrated as you might feel, the relationship you want and the life that goes with it is just around the corner. You just need a little inspiration, a little change in perspective, and a little guidance as to what buttons and levers to push—and that’s where we come in.

Meet Tad & Kimberly

Tad and Kimberly Horning are crazy about their marriage and about yours. They are passionate marriage advocates, educators, and strategic intervention coaches. Collectively, they have authored two books about marriage, one of which has been an Amazon best seller. Through their books, programs, and live events, the Hornings are on a crusade to preserve the ideal of a passionate relationship and change how the world sees marriage forever.

Married for 33 years and together for 37, they have a 14-year-old daughter who challenges them in amazing ways that only a parent could possibly understand, and then maybe not. They can frequently be seen out on the road riding together on their bicycle made for 3.

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"Tad and Kimberly are relationship masters who after 30 years of marriage, live and love with passion, exuberance, and wholeheartedness and are so rare I include them in our national treasures."

~ Spar Street

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The Book Cracking the Code to Marital Bliss

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 Cracking the Code to Marital Bliss,
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