Get FREE copy of the new Sneak-Peek Condensed Edition of our new Best Selling Book Cracking the CODE to Marital Bliss.

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Get FREE copy of the new Sneak-Peek Condensed Edition of our new Best Selling Book Cracking the CODE to Marital Bliss.

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We just want to say “thanks” for being here. We are really passionate about our marriage and about yours. We believe that marriage if understood and appreciated, is the perfect environment for encouraging us to reach our true human potential not to mention getting us into a “flowy bliss” if we do it right. Sound too far out there to be true? Well, our experience coaching couples and applying the principles we teach to our own relationship has proven beyond a doubt that almost anyone can turn the marriage they have into an experience of passion, pleasure and deep meaning.

We are really excited about our new Amazon #1 best seller, Cracking the CODE to Marital Bliss. It’s our hope that it will change the way everyone sees marriage forever. It’s our heartfelt belief that the life of your dreams starts with the marriage of your dreams. So dive in and help us get the word out by sharing your experience with others.


Learn the 3 Secrets to Solving all your marriage Problems and How YOU can go deeper with Tad and Kimberly in their new online Program.

Learn How to Solve All your Marriage Problems by Falling Back in Love and Doing it Over and Over Again.

Turn your marriage around faster than you ever thought possible. This multi-module online training program will teach you what everyone should have learned before they ever got married. If you want to re-ignite the ATTRACTION and PASSION in your relationship and FIRE THINGS UP in the BEDROOM, then this program is for you. In The Forever In Love or (FIL) video training series, you will find out how you can take INFIDELITY and DIVORCE completely off the table. If you have ever wondered what Happily Married Couples know that miserable couples don't and are ready to take your own relationship up a few notches, you will be happily surprised to learn that a great marriage is not as hard to experience as you might think. The insights that will be revealed in the FIL video training series will show you the fundamental principles and insights that every single passionate enduring relationship has at work. In this unique and powerful program, you will learn:

  • How to solve all your marriage problems and fall back in love even if you are doing this by yourself.
  • How to get leverage on yourself make your dream marriage a reality.
  • How get excited about your marriage again and create a compelling vision for it.
  • How to initiate habits and practices that support you in getting what you want.
  • How to re-ignite the attraction you once had.
  • How to revive the passion, romance and juice in your marriage.
  • How to cheat-proof your marriage.
  • How to divorce-proof your marriage.
  • How to get back into flow with each other
  • How to start feeling excited about life again.
  • And, how to do this without painful communication, counseling or dredging up the past.
  • Get the ground-breaking BONUS course, Flow and the Art of Falling in Love for FREE.
  • Get “Journey to Passion” and “Marriage Hack Playbook” journals that guide you on your path.
  • Get FREE copies of our books, Cracking the CODE to Marital Bliss and Winning at the Game of Wife.
  • Get Surprise Goodies that we want to send you to support you on your journey to falling back in love.

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Cracking the Code to Marital Bliss

Cracking the CODE is about experiencing life, love, and sexuality at a level of intensity and fulfillment most never thought possible. It reveals behind-the-scenes secrets to a mind-blowing relationship, secrets that can only be exposed by a real couple that has thoroughly tested them on themselves for over three decades and are a living testament to their enormous power. As you apply these principles to your marriage and your life, you’ll move away from pain, frustration and those dreaded marriage doldrums faster than you ever imagined possible. Cracking the CODE is about getting the most out of yourself, your relationship, and your life. If you’re ready to turn your marriage into the richest and most exciting part of your life, then take the plunge and we’ll see you inside.


Winning at the Game of Wife

Ever wonder what happily married couples know that miserable couples don't ... how different things might be if your lady considered you a ROCKSTAR husband ... how alive the passion might be? Whether you've been married for 3 years or 30, the formula for making magic happen in your relationships is the same. Author James T. Horning knows what a woman wants. He's discovered how meeting a woman's needs on her terms fuels her passion, desire and dispassionate, unfulfilling marriage into a rewarding and exciting love affair.


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