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ticket2Great Marriage Great Life LIVE-  3 day event

Dates and venues to be announced

Great Marriage Great Life LIVE (GMGLL) is total emersion into Life’s Most Enriching Experience. Why is it that so few couples are able to experience a passionate enduring marriage?  Maybe you want to reignite the passion that you once had? Are you looking for a “last ditch” effort before you enter the big “D”?  Is your sex life all but non-existent? What if you could turn your marriage into your life’s greatest and most rewarding experience? GMGLL is a 3-day intensive seminar/retreat that is guaranteed to take your marriage to heights you never imagined. It’s the hands-on college course you needed to take before you got married. GMGLL will inspire you with new paradigms, new beliefs and new skill-sets that will transform your marriage and your sex life. When you leave GMGLL, your relationship will be on track to be hotter and more alive than ever before.  Join James and  Kimberly Horning and their field experts at this one-of-a-kind event to be held annually at one east coast and one west coast venue.  Please enter your name and email address below for FREE coaching videos and to be kept in the loop for upcoming dates and venues. You don’t want to miss this life-changing event.
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